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The Team behind PerfectCPR™:

Dr Affan Farooq, Dr Faizan H. Arshad and Dr. Habib Nazir have managed many critical patients in cardiac arrest requiring CPR.  Their shared passion for evolving healthcare tied with love for technology is evident by this app. 

PerfectCPR™ is an app EXCLUSIVELY for the Apple Watch which provides you with REAL-TIME haptic and audio feedback on your wrist so that you can be READY when seconds truly count. 

Prehospital CPR has been shown to save many lives. We must ensure that we are doing adequate compressions while doing CPR whether its a healthcare provider or bystander. 

Using the accelerometer, haptic feedback and gyro-meter, PerfectCPR™ gives you a  'tap' on your wrist indicating when a compression should be performed. This can be used in emergencies by anyone to provide emergent compressions during any condition in which resuscitation may be indicated. 
Once open, the app will 'tap' the wearer at a constant rate on the wrist indicating when he/she should be doing a compression. 
Early intervention has been linked with improved survival which is the what the app intends to do. 
Not only is the AppleWatch a great tool for tracking your health and fitness, but imagine having a tool on your wrist which can help SAVE a life?

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